Session 3: Sales

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Session 3: Sales

This session provides an overview of the Sales App. The Sales App is used to create and manage new clients to your business through the Leads module, as well as create and track new business revenue and key milestones either via new clients, reviewing your existing clients, internal referrals, etc. through the Opportunities module. 

See below the video for more detail on:

  • Topics covered
  • Expected outcomes of the training
  • FAQs (if any)
  • Topic Time Stamps - Time, within the video, at the point each topic begins as well as duration.
  • Links to related articles in the Support Portal.

Topics Covered

  • Sales App - Admin setup including:
    • Notifications
    • Settings
    • Pipeline setup
    • Automated rules
  • Creating and managing Leads
  • Creating and managing Opportunities
  • Managing Leads and Opportunities by building Default Views
  • Understanding the Sales App Dashboard reports
  • Creating Potential Opportunities either through Automated Rules or manually from a client list
  • Viewing the Opportunities that exist for a Group or Client

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Have a general understanding of the difference between a Lead and an Opportunity (from Xeppo's perspective)
  • Understand the New Client to Opportunity process
  • Manage new clients and active opportunities easily and effectively
  • Use the Sales App to grow your business through Potential Opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you delete people from the "Participant" field in the Sales App? - All enabled users of your system will appear in this drop down list. You therefore can't remove people from this drop down without disabling their access to Xeppo.
  2. If tracking a prospect/ lead via Xeppo and a source system, does the information merge or is there a double-up? If you create a client in the Xeppo Sales App and Qualify them, you can push that data into a number of source systems. This is currently available with Xplan, Xero Practice, Xero Practice Manager and Workflow Max. In saying that if you create a lead in Xeppo and then create the client in your source system, the client will come into Xeppo through your source system and if it can be automatically matched it will, however if not the record will sit unmatched for you to manually match. More information on matching can be found by clicking on the following article - Matching   ( Please note : you will need a login to our Zendesk support portal to access this page. If you have a login but have forgotten your password you can use the forgotten password feature, if you do not have a login to our support portal please send an email to and request a login).
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