Session 6: Documents & Marketing

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Session 6: Documents & Marketing

This session provides an overview of the Documents and Marketing Apps. The Documents App is used to store documents within Xeppo. We also connect to a 3 rd Party software called Formstack Documents to enable coded documents and emails out of Xeppo. The Marketing App is used to construct and manage Marketing Lists within Xeppo for any Marketing Campaigns you may create. The Marketing App also integrates with MailChimp allowing you to run your campaign from MailChimp.

See the video tab for more detail on:

  • Topics covered
  • Expected outcomes of the training
  • FAQs (if any)
  • Topic Time Stamps - Time, within the video, at the point each topic begins as well as duration.
  • Links to related articles in the Support Portal.

Topics Covered

  • How to Create Document Categories to categorise your documents when uploading into Xeppo
  • How to upload a document into Xeppo:
    • Through the Documents App 
    • Through a Client Group
    • Attaching a Document to an Activity
  • How to View Documents
    • Through a Client Group
    • Through the Documents App
  • How to run coded Documents and Emails through:
    • A Client Group
    • From a list of Clients
  • How to create a Marketing List in Xeppo
  • How to import clients to Marketing Lists
  • How to Manage Marketing Lists
  • Discuss the Integration with MailChimp

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Upload Documents into Xeppo
  • Manage Documents in Xeppo
  • Know how to merge coded documents and emails through Xeppo
  • Set Up and Manage your Marketing Lists in Xeppo

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the activity you're uploading the document to need to be open/in progress? - No, it can be done against a completed activity.
  2. Is there bulk client emailing? - Yes, if you've got a FormStack subscription you can merge a document on bulk. You can see here for more information on this capability within Xeppo.
  3. Are documents uploaded to a Project visible via the Documents tile for a client? - Yes, any documents uploaded to an activity in a project will be visible via the Documents app tile as well based on where your project is saved (ie. Group or Client level).
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