Session 2: Xeppo CRM

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Session 2: Xeppo CRM

This session provides an overview of the Applications (Apps) available in the core Xeppo product.

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Topics Covered

  • Sales App - Leads, Opportunities and Automated Rules (for Opportunities)
  • Activities App - Including Projects (automated Workflow)
  • Documents App
  • Marketing App
  • Net Worth App

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Have a general understanding of the apps available within Xeppo
  • Consider whether you would like to use any or all of these Apps now or in the future
  • Be prepared for a more detailed session on each App in subsequent training sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can Projects be added to Leads in the Sales App? - Yes, however the Lead needs to be Qualified before you can create a Project against it. At this point you can create a Project either through the Lead or through the Opportunity screen.
    2. Does the Net Worth App automatically pick up updated asset and liability data from source system or do we have to manually update these details? - The data will automatically be updated in the Net Worth App when updated in your source systems. The only time this data will not be updated from your Source systems is if you override the values in the Bulk Tune screen of the Net Worth App for that client. We highly suggest that you do not override asset or liability values in the Bulk Tune screen of the Net Worth App if the asset or liability has come from a source system.
    3. Can an assigned email be converted to an unassigned mail? - No, emails cannot be changed to unassigned. You can, however, reassign them to another client or client group within the Activities App.
    4. If tracking a prospect/ lead via Xeppo and a source system, does the information merge or is there a double-up? If you create a client in the Xeppo Sales App and Qualify them, you can push that data into a number of source systems. This is currently available with Xplan, Xero Practice, Xero Practice Manager and Workflow Max. In saying that if you create a lead in Xeppo and then create the client in your source system, the client will come into Xeppo through your source system and if it can be automatically matched it will, however if not the record will sit unmatched for you to manually match. More information on matching can be found by clicking on the following article - Matching (Please note: you will need a login to our Zendesk support portal to access this page. If you have a login but have forgotten your password you can use the forgotten password feature, if you do not have a login to our support portal please send an email to and request a login).
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