Session 5: Projects

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Session 5: Projects

This session provides an overview of Projects within the Activities App. Projects is used to build activities that are linked together which allow you to construct automated workflows that match different processes you have within your business. The idea with automating your workflows is it means that you can ensure that you do not miss any key steps within any given process.

See the video tab for more detail on:

  • Topics covered
  • Expected outcomes of the training
  • FAQs (if any)
  • Topic Time Stamps - Time, within the video, at the point each topic begins as well as duration.
  • Links to related articles in the Support Portal.

Topics Covered

  • The Admin setup of Projects, which includes
    • Notifications
    • Setting Roles for Activities within a Project
    • Locking down topics for projects on creation
  • How to create and manage Project templates
  • How to kick off a Project:
    • Through a Client/Client Group
    • In Bulk from a client list
  • How to manage projects through views

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Create your business processes as project templates
  • Kick off processes against clients
  • Manage your projects

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Project Value field used to track revenue or the expenses of the project? - The intended use of this field is revenue tracking, however you could use it for expenses if you wanted to.
  2. How does assigning to a Team (not an individual user) work? - When you create a team in Xeppo there will be multiple users. If you allocate a task to a team, it's then up to that team's members to assign tasks to individuals within the team. You would assign to a team if you have pooled resources for example a para-planning team.
  3. If you have multiple triggers, but only action 1 of them, what happens to the others? - Nothing, they remain unactioned and can be ignored.
  4. What if you decide you want to action an additional other trigger? Can you go back to the trigger page? - Yes, go into the Project, to the relevant Activity and from the Actions tab you can activate further tasks.
  5. Is there a way to force triggered actions or do they have to be manually triggered? - No, triggered actions cannot be forced. As an Action is typically used for a choice option, they must be triggered manually.
  6. Is the time taken on each stage recorded against the client? - No, at this time there is no ability to record the time it takes for each stage to be completed.
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