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Creating Opportunities


Opportunities are defined to be any potential sales that you are actively looking to close with an existing Group or Client or Lead (Prospect).

How Opportunities are Created

Opportunities can be created in a variety of ways:

  • As a result of Qualifying a Lead
  • Against a specific Client or Group
  • From any View within Xeppo
  • Activating a Potential Opportunities which has been generated by Xeppo
  • From within the Sales App 

Creating an Opportunity from a Lead

Once a lead is qualified you can then go about creating one or many Opportunities.


Creating from a specific Client or Group

If you are looking at a Group or Client and see an opportunity, create it on the spot!


Creating Opportunities from a View

Use Views to build targeted lists which you can then mark as Opportunities and then track through to win or loss.


Creating an Opportunity from within the Sales App

This option will require you to nominate the related Group or Client as part of the process.

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