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Views and Charts (analysing your leads and sales)


The Sales App has a unique feature which allows you to also view charts based on the rows are that are included in a view.

The benefit of this is that you can analyse your leads and opportunities in more detail. 

Examples of how this can be used is:

  • Build views for a particular Owner or Team
  • Report on sales in a particular period and analyse performance
  • Focus on particular Pipelines
  • Analyse a referral source

The Chart Feature

You will notice at the top right of a Lead or Opportunity view you now have chart button . Clicking on this will change from a grid view to a standard set of charts.

These are the same charts as the Sales App landing page but are based only on the records that are included in the View you are on. 

Note: Some of the charts may be irrelevant, depending on the rows included. For example, if you are only looking at Active Opportunities, Conversion charts will not be relevant (as they only apply to won or lost opportunities)

You can revert back to the grid view by clicking on the .

Sample Video - Analysing Lead Generation rates and potential value

In this video we look at our lead generation rates and value for all leads New or Qualified in the Sales App.

Sample Video- Analysing performance of SMSF Opportunities

In this video

  • Filter our Opportunities to any created this financial year that are part of the SMSF Establishment pipeline.
  • We include Potential, Active, Won and Lost
  • We look at the charts and understand the performance.
  • We save the view to use again later!


Sample Video - My Teams 

If you are a fee earner then you are probably wanting to focus in on your teams active and potential Opportunities.

In this video:

  • Filter the Opportunities to just those a part of the SMSF and Wealth Team and are either Potential or Active
  • Save as my default view.

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