Session 4: Activities

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Session 4: Activities

This session provides an overview of the Activities App. The Activities App is used to record any interaction you have with a client either by adding File Notes, Meeting notes or emails, as well as being used to track work required to complete for a client through tasks.

See the video tab for more detail on:

  • Topics covered
  • Expected outcomes of the training
  • FAQs (if any)
  • Topic Time Stamps - Time, within the video, at the point each topic begins as well as duration.
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Topics Covered

  • The admin setup of the Activities App, which includes:
    • notifications
    • settings for Activity Categories and Subcategories
  • How to create and manage Activity Templates
  • How to create Activities:
    • through a Client/Client Group
    • in bulk from a client list
  • How to manage your activities
  • How to use email integration

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Create non-actionable activities such as File Notes, Meeting Notes etc
  • Create Tasks and manage your day to day Tasks
  • Send emails into Xeppo using your Xeppo email address

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When reassigning an activity to a different user, will they receive a notification? - Yes, if you have selected 'Notify users of activity assignment' in the settings area.
  2. Will documents uploaded to an Activity appear under the Client tile in the Documents section? - Yes, documents uploaded in any area of Xeppo will automatically be included in the Documents App as well.
  3. Can you add a checklist to an Activity Templates for mandatory items to complete before completing an activity? - No, at this stage you use the description to list key items for completion. User adds notes against the activity when they have completed the items.
  4. Is it possible to have several different outcomes for an activity? - Yes, you can have multiple actions set against an activity. When triggered, you would see the available list of actions and then select the desired actions to perform. This is covered in more detail in the session on the Projects App.
  5. Can an assigned email be converted to an unassigned mail? - No, emails cannot be changed to unassigned. You can, however, reassign them to another client or client group within the Activities App.
  6. Can you export notes within an activity out of Xeppo? - No, presently you are unable to export notes within an activity out of Xeppo, however we have an enhancement request to be able to do this. The only way to review notes within an activity is to build a PowerBI report to capture this information. If you would like more information about this, feel free to contact our support team at for assistance in setting this up in PowerBI.
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