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Creating and Qualifying Leads


Creating a Lead manually

To create a lead all you need do is

  • Click on the "Create Lead" from the Leads menu within the Sales App.
  • Complete the initial details then click on Create.
  • Enter in as much detail as you can about the Contact details and actual lead itself.
  • Importantly ensure you capture your Referral Source

In many cases details on the Lead may be limited until you Quality the Lead. 

Qualifying Leads 

Once you have qualified a lead, that is, now a geniune opportunity:

  • Open the lead
  • Review the details of the Lead and update based on discussion
  • Click on the qualify button
  • "Create the Opportunity"
  • Complete the new opportunity

Once you Qualify a Lead it will then appear in the Client and Group lists within Xeppo. It will have the Client Status of "Prospect".

Related Leads and Opportunities

If an Opportunity originates from a Lead then you will be able to understand the link between the lead and Opportunity.

When viewing the Opportunity page you will see any Related Lead in the bottom left hand panel (as shown below)

You can click on the label and it will take you to the Lead page.

When you review a lead it will likewise display the related Opportunities.

Again clicking on the Opportunity will take you to its Opportunity page.


The following video covers:

  • Creating a new Lead
  • Capture some basic activities
  • Qualifying the Lead
  • Creating the Opportunity
  • Seeing the new Prospect in the main area of Xeppo.

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