Creating a Marketing List and Syncing to MailChimp

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Creating a Marketing List and Syncing to MailChimp

The below video provides guidance on how to:

  • Create a Marketing List
  • Sync with MailChimp
  • Review the new list in MailChimp

When viewing your marketing lists, you may see exceptions. Exceptions can occur for the following reasons:

  • Email address is not valid - The email address for the client is not in the correct format for an email address.
  • Client has no email address - There is no email address listed for the client.
  • Email address is being used by another client - The email address for this client has also been listed as another client's email address. When checking email addresses, the system looks at all email addresses within the marketing app, not just the marketing list the client is in. This is due to limitations with Mailchimp which does not allow multiple clients to use the same email address.

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MailChimp can take several minutes to update the new lists and contacts sent from Xeppo. In many cases, you will see the Marketing List in Mailchimp but will show 0 contacts. Allow at least 5 minutes for MailChimp to process the new list.
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