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Adding Documents



Watch the video to see the various ways of adding documents.


Adding Documents

There are several easy ways to add documents to the client or group.

1. Use the Upload Documents button available in the Documents view on the Client or Group

2. Use the Upload Documents button available from the Main Menu->Apps->Documents view, then select the Client or Group to add the document to. Use the search facility, select the relevant entity, then click on the Upload Documents button to select the file to upload:


3. When in a Client or Group Documents view, drag and drop a file from Windows Explorer in to the view. This option does not work from the Main Menu->Apps->Documents area.

Use the Grid button to switch to Grid layout:

From this view, depending on your level of access, you can upload new documents and edit or delete existing documents.

Document can be categorised, dated and made available to Client users. The categories available will be set up by your Xeppo Administrator.

Use the Category filter button to filter the view to all documents under a single category:

 Click the Advanced filter button to toggle the column filters display on or off:

To download or open a document, click on the document icon in the "Download" column in the list view download icon in the tile view:


The document will become available in the bottom left of your screen. Click on the arrow next to the document name, for the available options (example in Google Chrome):

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