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Creating Activities

The Activity feature is available from the Group or Clients pages or the Activities and Sales App. Activities track any interaction with your clients in one place​. You can easily and efficiently manage your tasks whilst also ensuring your business is on track.

Create An Activity from the Activities App

  1. From the top menu, click on the Apps menu, and then the Activities submenu. The "All Activities" page opens
  2. Click on the Create Activity button. The "Create Activity" page appears
  3. Choose the Entity Type from the drop-down menu that you want the activity added


    If you have existing templates, you can choose from the Based on template drop-down menu and the fields are pre-populated for you

  4. Complete the remaining details and then click on the Create button
  5. When creating an Activity, the Assigned User will default to the current user. If you need to change this, simply reassign to another person
  6. Click on the Save button

Activity Type Indicators

Activity Type indicators are visual cues

Activity Type Icon
Call call.png
Email email.png
Meeting meeting.png
Note note.png
Task task.png
Changelog changelog.png

Activity Indicator Example

The image below displays an Activity Type Indicator within the Xeppo environment.


Colour Status

Create Activities from the Sales App

When you're working on a Lead or Opportunities, the Create Activity button is always present. You can simply follow the above steps from Step 2 to create an activity.

Create Activities in Bulk

Activities can be created in bulk in the following areas of Xeppo:

  • Xeppo Core
    • Group List
    • Client List
    • All Lists under the ‘Details’ Menu 
  • Sales App
    • Leads List
    • Opportunities List
  • Marketing App
    • Marketing Lists
Please see video in the tab section for an overview of this feature.

Add Notes, Actions and Documents to your Activity

Each activity can have associated

  • Notes
    Add comments that may be relevant such as an update on progress if overdue
  • Actions
    Create conditional actions (ie create new project/ new activity or merge a document) based on the activity being commenced, completed or cancelled (see 'Configure an Activity Action' below)
  • Documents
    Upload or merge relevant documents


The activity tile will show if any Notes, Actions or Documents are included.


Configure an Activity Action

To configure an Activity Action, select the Actions tab > Add Action button:

  • Select what the Trigger will be for this action
    • Complete Activity
    • Cancel Activity
    • Start Activity
  • Select what Action will occur
    • Create Project
    • Create Activity
    • Merge Document

The Action is added - In the example below, we are creating a new activity to occur on completion of this activity. Select the Configure button to complete the details of this new Project, Activity or Merge Document > Save the Configuration.


When the task is completed, you will be prompted to perform this new action. Select 'Perform Action' and complete the new Project, Activity or Merge Document details.


More on the Activity Page

You will see all the members of the selected group listed on the left-hand side, whether you are viewing from a client or a group, along with a count of the number of open activities each client or group has. A total number of Activities is also displayed in the red box in the top right.


The activities for the client or group selected on the left-hand side are displayed on the right-hand side. You can see the activities for one client or group at a time, or you can use the Group icon in the bottom left of the Activities area to show all the activities for the entire group.


This list of activities displayed can also be filtered using the filter button to the left of the Create Activity button.


Activities can be completed, edited or deleted (with the appropriate access levels), by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the top right of an activity log.


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  • Once the bulk activities are created, do they become their own individual instances?  IE, if you make a change in one Activity, it is not made across the rest of the bulk Activities that were created.


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