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Creating Activities



To create an Activity, click on the button when on a Lead, Opportunity, Client or Group, OR from the Activity search screen. 

If you are adding from the search screen, you can select the type of Entity you want to add the activity to, then select the relevant Client, Group, Lead or Opportunity:

Otherwise, the selected Client, Group, Opportunity or Lead will be pre-populated for you.

If you are adding an activity to a group, the Group checkbox will be ticked, as shown below. 

Select the Activity Type, complete the remaining details, then click on the  button.

Visual Cues

When viewing the Activities section of a Lead, Opportunity, Client or Group:

 The icons on the left of the activity logs are colour coded to indicate the Status of an activity.

  • Red = Overdue
  • Blue = Due
  • Grey = Open (not complete and no due date)
  • Green = Completed
  • Black = System changelog information

The icons themselves are also Activity Type indicators:













The Activities section for Leads and Opportunities is always displayed in the bottom right corner of the Lead or Opportunity screen.

On a Client or Group, the Activities are displayed from the Apps Tab on the Client or Group:

Here, you will see all the members of the selected group listed on the left hand side, whether you are viewing from a client or a group, along with a count of the number of open activities each client or group has. A total number of Activities is also displayed in the RED box in the top right.

The activities for the client or group selected on the left hand side are displayed on the right hand side. You can see the activities for one client or group at a time, or you can use the Group icon in the bottom left of the Activities area to show all the activities for the entire group.

This list of activities displayed can also be filtered using the filter button to the left of the Create Activity button.

Activities can be completed, edited or deleted (with the appropriate access levels), by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the top right of an activity log:




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