Create a Default View for Incomplete Activities

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Create a Default View for Incomplete Activities


To help keep up to date with your incomplete tasks, create the following default view in the Activities App:

Navigate to the Filter tab

  1. Ensure that Activities - Activity Status is set to Due, Open and Overdue only. Pending is not included in this view as a Pending activity is a future activity that has not yet been activated. When adding ad hoc tasks you need to include a Start Date to the task so that the status of this task is set to Open.
  2. Ensure that Activities - Is Project Template is set to False.
  3. Ensure that Activities - Is Template is set to False.
  4. Ensure that Activities - Assigned User is set to Contains and then the user is to type their name in the free text field (ensuring it is unique to their name) so only their incomplete tasks are visible.
  5. Then click Update Results


Navigate to the Display tab

  1. Ensure you add the Due Date and select the radio button for ASC. This will make sure you are tackling your current tasks first
  2. Then click Update Results



You can add more columns in the view, or take columns out based on what you would like displayed in your activities view


  1. Then click Save As and name the view, check the box for Default and then click Create View


This will ensure that every time you open up the Activities App, this will be the view you are presented.

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