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Reassign a Project Participant


The Reassign Project Participant feature helps you perform a bulk update of all projects where a participant is no longer actively involved. We have made it a lot quicker and easier for you to update automatically instead of manually changing participant for each project.

Reassign a Project Participant

  1. Click on the Activities app.
  2. Then, click on Projects.
  3. From the Projects submenu, click on Search Projects.
  4. From the list of All Projects, choose the project(s) that you wish to reassign a new participant.
When you view a project, the Participants are listed on the left of the project details page. As an example, we are going to update the Former Employee participant with the role of Paraplanner.



  1. Next, click on the Actions.
  2. From the Actions submenu, click on the Reassign Project Participant submenu to open the modal window to begin.


  1. On the Reassign Project Participant modal window opens, you need to choose the Current Project Participant or the person you wish to reassign from the projects that you have selected, from the dropdown menu. This is a required field.


Then, choose the New Project Participant or the person you wish to assign to the projects that you have selected, from the dropdown menu.


  1. Additionally, and if applicable to your scenario, the Reassign Project's Activities allows you to assign open and pending activities to the new project participant. This is optional.


  1. When ready, click on the Reassign Projects button and the Confirm button to start to reassign a project participant.



  • You can then check if the reassignment is successful by checking the Participants section of the project details page or Activities area, respectively.
  • It is important that you ensure that you have selected the correct participants for either the Current or New Project Participants for the process cannot be reverted!
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