Email Integration and Office 365 Automation

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Email Integration and Office 365 Automation


If you are using Office 365 then you may wish to explore some more automated features to streamline the posting of emails to Xeppo.

Most Office 365 subscriptions include an App called Flow.

We encourage you to explore this tool as you can create actions based on a variety of events that can occur in Office 365 applications.

Flow can be accessed via your browser based Office 365 login (as shown below)


Example: File to Xeppo When You Flag an Email

One simple of example of how Flow can make life easier is a rule which is triggered whenever you flag an email in your Inbox as shown below.


The Flow rule below will forward any e-mail flagged in your Inbox Folder to Xeppo and then move it to a previously created folder called Xeppo Mail.



  • To: [address] will be your Xeppo inbound email
  • You can flag emails on your smartphone or tablet
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