Using Priority in Activities

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Using Priority in Activities


Users have the ability to set the priority of an activity, when creating or editing the activity:


The following are the priorities that can be set when creating or editing an activity:

  1. High
  2. Normal (Default option)
  3. Low

There are 3 areas of Xeppo which indicate whether an activity has been set with a High or Low priority. We do not flag when an activity is set with a Normal priority. 


If an activity has been set as a High or Low  priority and you have the following Notification types set to On in the Admin menu of the Activities App:

  • Notify users of activity assignment or
  • Notify teams of activity assignment

users will receive a exclamation_small.png (High priority flag) or down_arrow_small.png (Low priority flag) in the notification message on either the landing page notifications:


or through the Bell icon notifications:


Activities App View

Users can add the Priority column to any views that have been created within the Activities App:


There is a System View in the Activities App called Incomplete High Priority Activities where the result is filtered to display all Due, Open and Overdue activities that are set to High.

Activities Timeline View

Activities visible through a timeline view will have the High  or Low  priority flags next to the title of the activity:


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