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Introduction to Tags


Key Features of Tags:

  • Tags in Xeppo provide a way to classify or categorise Groups and/or Clients
  • Xeppo supports an unlimited number of Tags, created by your Xeppo Practice Administrator
  • Users with the allowable capability can apply specific Tag values to Groups and Clients via View Action "Update Tags"
  • Views can then be built to create searches including those with a specific Tag value

Tags are ideally suited for:

  • Marketing lists (such as newsletters and regular communication initiatives)
  • Client segmentation (classifying your Groups/Clients into service segments)

Note that Tags are a "static" tag and require you to continually review and ensure those included or excluded remain current for the Tags purpose.

If you need a more "dynamic" list then we would recommend you build a custom View and then use this for your regular initiatives.

Video Using Tags - Marketing Lists

In this video:

  • Build a custom view to find a Directors Groups
  • Tag the Groups with Newsletter value
  • Build a new JT Newsletter view
  • Use this list to create a Marketing List

Note about the video: The video demonstrates the tag functionality. If your goal was to send to James Thomas's clients regularly, you would be better off saving the initial view built in this video. Use the "Add to Marketing List" view action directly from this, as will ensure the list is always current.

Video Using Tags - Segmentation

In this video

  • We use Group Rankings by Fee Category to identify our top 50 Groups
  • Tag them as Platinum clients
  • View in a pre-built Platinum view

Note about the video: You should regularly review your rankings and check that those tagged are still current. 

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