Tags in Views (Filtering and Display)

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Tags in Views (Filtering and Display)

Once you have started using Tags you are going to want to include them in your views. This may include filtering by a Tag or including in the Display of the view.

Filtering with Tags

Each Tag will be listed as a separate "Available Filter". To find them, type "Tag" and then you will most likely need to scroll down to the bottom of the result list to see them.

Click on the Tag you wish to use in the Filter then select what Tag values you wish to filter by.

Click on Update Results to apply to the View.

Displaying Tags

Displaying tags works slightly differently to the Filtering of Tags.

To include a Tag in the Display you will find there is only one column available called Tags.

Once you have clicked on it, it will appear in the "Selected Columns" list.

You will note there is a Display tags... button next to it (as shown below).

Tick the Tags you wish to include in the Display. All tag values of that type will be included in the View.

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