Managing Tags against a Group/Client

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Managing Tags against a Group/Client


Users must have the Update capability enabled for Tags to be able to manage tags against a group or client. You can find our more information on managing capabilities here

How to Manage Tags

Users can manage tags against group or client records. To manage tags, users can click the pencil icon at the top of group or client as shown below.



This will open the Manage Tags modal where you can:

  1. Click Choose Tags and select the appropriate tag(s) to apply to the group or client
  2. Click on the X icon next to a tag to remove it from the group or client


  3. Once you have finished updating the tags you then click Save.
System tags cannot be edited through Xeppo as these are automatically updated from your source system(s)

You can type in the free text field to filter the list based on tag values
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