What are Windows Push Notifications?

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What are Windows Push Notifications?

You can be automatically notified of important events in Xeppo, such as being assigned an activity. You are not required to be logged in to Xeppo to receive the notifications, as these notifications use the Windows Action Centre, found on the right of your computer's taskbar. 

By default, these notifications are not enabled. To enable this feature, you need to register your device from the User Menu in Xeppo. Instructions on how to enable Windows Push Notifications are available here. 

How are the Windows Push Notifications Displayed?

On Windows 10, it appears as a speech bubble with the number of notifications you have. 

On Windows 11, it will either be displayed as a number or can be viewed by selecting your calendar. 

When selected, it will display a notification to advise what important event has occurred. You can select this notification for more information. 


Supported Xeppo Areas for Push Notifications

You can receive notifications for the following:

  • User Lead Assignment
  • Team Lead Assignment
  • User Opportunity Assignment
  • Team Opportunity Assignment
  • User Activity Assignment
  • Team Activity Assignment
  • Unassigned Activity from Email
  • User Project Assignment
  • Team Project Assignment
  • Project Status Change
  • Outstanding triggered Actions
  • Action has been triggered successfully
  • Action has been triggered, but failed
  • New Change Request
  • Change Request Failed
  • Document Uploaded by Client
There are settings that will need to be activated by a Practice Admin for you to receive specific notifications. You can find more information about the admin settings for notifications here.
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