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Notifications appear on both the landing page and in the top right next to your username. Improvements have been made to how these function, including the ability to click on the notification and take you to the relevant section. Where the notificationrelates to an App, this will open in a new tab.


Clicking on the cross within the notifications drop down will dismiss this notification; removing it from the landing page and no longer counting towards the outstanding notifications. A function to "Dismiss All" is also available for when you ave reviewed all relevant notifications. Notifications will remain in the drop down as a historical reference to actions within Xeppo.

Notification types can be managed by Practice Admin users in the relevant section. They can also be managed within the Admin > Settings page in the Activities App. Activities related notifications include the following:


We intend to expand notifications to various other events within the system, so please provide your feedback on their function and any particular notifications that would benefit your daily use of Xeppo.

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