Adjusting App Notifications

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Adjusting App Notifications 

Notifications ensure users receive relevant notifications to complete their roles efficiently and that tasks are never missed. A User can view notifications from the Xeppo landing page or the notification bell icon next to the user menu. The notifications that users receive can be adjusted, with specific options available for the Sales and Activities App. 

These notification options are available within the Sales App and Activities App by navigating to the app and selecting Admin > Notifications.

The Sales App

The notification options for the Sales App are shown below. These notifications are designed to notify users when a Lead or an Opportunity is assigned to them, or if there are any overdue Leads or Opportunities. If you use the Team function within Xeppo, you can notify teams of any Leads or Opportunities.


The Activities App

The notification options for the Activities App are shown below. These notification options are for Projects and Activities and will notify users or teams of any assigned or overdue Activity or Project task. Additional notifications options are available to notify users or teams of a Project status change, or issues with time entry.


Users can set up Push Notifications. This is an additional way of being notified about important tasks or changes. For more information on push notifications, click here
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