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Using the Xeppo Support Centre



The Xeppo Support Centre and Support Team are here to help with any queries you may have. This article has tips to navigating the Support Centre and other Support Options that are available. If your Practice is joining Xeppo for the first time, the Xeppo Onboarding Team will guide you through an implementation plan to get your Xeppo portal up and running, including self-guided training and regular check-ins. 

Accessing the Xeppo Support Centre

All Xeppo users have access to the Xeppo Support Centre however you will need to be signed in to the Support Centre to access certain articles, such as the Admin User Guide for example. To request access to the full range of articles that require you to be signed in, please email your request to

There are several ways to access the Support Centre:

  • Go to in your browser - for optimal performance use Chrome.
  • Within your Xeppo portal click on the User Menu (where your name appears in the top right) > Support Centre.
  • Favourite or bookmark the Xeppo Support Centre within your browser to find it quickly next time.
Q: I’m unsure if I have a login for the Xeppo Support Centre, what do I do?
A: If you are unsure, from any page with within the Support Centre click Sign In To Account, then select Forgot My Password. Type in your email address (the same one you use when logging in to your Xeppo portal) then Submit. Check your email to see if you have received a link to reset your password. If you have not, then an account may need to be created for you. Please send your request by email to

Navigating the Support Centre

From the Support Centre home page there are some quick links to get you started. Below is an overview of the some of the Support Centre features and how to navigate around with ease.

Top Menu Bar


  • Xeppo Logo: Navigates you back to the Support Centre home page.
  • Xeppo Portal: Opens a new tab to sign you into your Xeppo Portal instance.
  • Sign In To Account: Click here to sign into your Xeppo Support Centre account. If you are logged into the Support Centre your login name will display here instead. Once signed in you will also be able to access your support tickets by selecting My Activities from this menu.



Use the Search function on the home page to find articles using key words.

Guides & Webinar



Explore Xeppo resources to assist you with everything from using Xeppo for the very first time, to adding new connectors to your Xeppo instance and getting the best out of Xeppo using the apps. Within this section you can use the Menu on the left-hand side to access articles, webinars, news, product updates and so much more. Items are grouped to help you find what you’re looking for in a few quick clicks.


Within some articles you may also see links on the right-hand side. These will help you navigate to key topics within the article without having to scroll. 

Submit a Ticket


From here you can contact our Support Team to assist with queries you have been unable to resolve using the resources available in the Guides & Webinar section, or with the help of your Practice Admin user. Examples of when you may reach out to our Support Team could include a 'how to' query relating to standard functionality, connector or data issues, performance queries, etc. If you are unable to submit a ticket, you can also contact the Support Team by emailing your request to

Please note that new users for your Xeppo portal must be added by a Practice Admin user within your practice. This ensures your user and security permissions are effectively managed in-house. 

Promoted Articles


The Promoted Articles section on the home page is used to provide quick access to articles that may be relevant due to new feature being released, information on product updates, newsletter, release notes, etc.

Quick Links


Quick Links on the home page will navigate you to selected key topics or user guides with just a single click.

Stay Up To Date

Make the most of Xeppo by keeping up to date with the latest news, features and product updates.

Email Communication
Ensure you receive all the latest Xeppo updates, including new product features, release notes, webinar invitations and general Xeppo news. Opt-in to receive our content by subscribing. Click here to subscribe!.
Remember to check your Junk email folder - if they are going here mark them as safe so you never miss an update. If you have a new Xeppo user in your practice they can also also opt-in via the link.

Follow Articles
You can Follow an article/page within the Support Centre by clicking the Follow button within the large header, near the top of the page. If you are already following an article/page, the button will instead display as unfollow.

Check the News Centre
Located in the left-hand menu, under the News Centre section, you will find Xeppo’s Latest News, Newsletters, Release Notes and upcoming Training Webinars.

Xeppo Training

If would like to enquire about additional customised training for your Practice send us your enquiry by email to Our staff will then contact you to discuss your requirements and how we can assist you. Refer to your Statement of Deliverables for pricing.

Xeppo Functionality & Apps

Are you getting the most out of Xeppo? Talk to our Consultants about:

  • Additional Connectors
  • Additional Consulting
  • Workflows
  • Xeppo's CRM Apps
  • Document Merge with Formstack

Download Xeppo's Support Flyer

Click the file below to download the Support Flyer for quick reference.

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