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Dashboards are supported at the Practice, Group and Client level

You can create shared and personal dashboards or select and order from a pre-defined list. 


Practice Dashboards

This is accessed by clicking on the Practice menu and selecting from the available Dashboards. If none exist see Creating and Administering Dashboards later in this document


Group and Client Dashboards

These are accessed from the Details Tab on both Group and Client pages, as shown below.



Note: Only Administrators can create and maintain Practice Dashboards.


Administering Dashboards

Dashboards can be created and administered from the "My Dashboards" option under your personal preferences section (as shown above).

From this area you can Create, Edit and Delete dashboards.

You can also create dashboards via "Create Dashboard" option available on the Details tab menu of the Group and Clients.



Creating your first Dashboard

This video covers:

  • Creating a shared Group based Dashboard
  • Adding Widgets
  • Saving the Dashboard

NB. This video does not contain audio.


Editing Dashboards

  • You can only edit Dashboards where you are the creator.
  • Shared dashboards that you can access are maintained by the author.
  • To change the widgets or order of them, go to the dashboard and drag and drop as required. Click on "Save Order" to retain your changes.
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