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User Settings

User Settings allows you to modify default settings within Xeppo, creating a more personalized experience.

You can access the User Settings from your User menu, located on the top right of your Xeppo instance. Select your name to open the User Menu and then select My Settings to access the User Settings options. For more information about the other options within the User Menu see this article.


User Settings Available

Page Limit

Page limit affects how many items are displayed when viewing a page. You can select between 5 and 250 items to be displayed. Most pages are set to 25 as default.


This affects multiple areas within Xeppo including Group and Client Search, search views within App and My Views and My Requests within the User Menu.

Simply select the page limit you would like to set, then select Save. The default limit will then be set. After your page default is set, you can still manually change the number of items you view on a page.

Grid/Tile View

Updating the default view will affect all areas where choosing between tile and grid view is possible. This includes viewing documents and projects within a Group or Client Record. Most views are set to Tile as default.


Select the view you would prefer to have as your default and select Save. This will change your default view. You can still change your view manually after the default has been changed.

Default Project Tab

With this setting selected, you will go directly to the Project tab within a Project, rather than the details tab. This means you will immediately view your Workflow!

If you have any suggestions on more defaults you would like to be able to set please contact us at
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