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The User Menu

Navigating Account Menu

The account menu allows you to make a number of changes specific to your login. Each menu item is explained further below.


My Account

My Settings

  • Update default settings applied to your profile, such as search view limits and default view options. You can view more information about these settings here.

Change Password

  • Change your password.

Change Practice (where applicable)

  • If you have access to multiple instances of Xeppo you can switch between them here.


Push Notifications

  • Set up push notifications.
  • Manage any devices you have registered for push notifications.
  • If you have not set up push notifications and would like to know more, visit our Support Centre article here.

Impersonate Users (Practice Admins Only)

  • Users can have varying levels of access within Xeppo (as set up by your Practice Admin).
  • Impersonating a user allows the Practice Admin to see exactly what the user sees.
  • This is particularly helpful when trouble-shooting a user-specific problem.

My Dashboards | My Views | My Requests

  • View, filter and manage all existing items, created by you, for each of these items.
  • See separate articles on creating and working with Dashboards , Views and Requests .

Support Centre

  • Opens the Zendesk Support Portal in a new tab.
  • The Support Portal contains articles on all of the functionality within Xeppo including release notes for new features.
  • Submit a request for help and review previously submitted requests including status.


  • Logs you out of your Xeppo instance.
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