Creating Consistent Views using the Me Filter

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Creating Consistent Views using the Me Filter

The introduction of the ‘Me’ Filter provides an opportunity to revisit the views you use. The 'Me' Filter is available across multiple areas within Xeppo, and looks at the current user to show items relating to them. Once filters have been applied, they can then be saved as a view.

When a view has been created, it can then be shared across all users and can be accessed in the Views dropdown. If these Shared Views include the 'Me' Filter, it will automatically determine the current user and only show items related to them.

This means you can have one option in Shared View, rather than each staff member having their own individual views.


For example, y
ou may have created a Shared View for each adviser in the Activities App so they can view their Open, Due and Overdue tasks. The adviser would then use 'their' view to easily see the activities that have been assigned to them.

Having multiple views listed for advisers to choose from can cause the Views list to be overly long and complex. Instead, all single adviser views can be replaced with one view using the 'Me' filter. This creates one consistent view that all advisers can use to view their activities.



Where can the 'Me' Filter be used?

The 'Me' Filter can also be utilised in the following areas:

  • Activities > Activity > Search Activity - Assigned User, Modified By

  • Activities > Projects > Search Projects - Assigned to, Created By, Modified By

  • Activities > Time > Search Time - User, Created by, Modified by

  • Sales > Leads > Search Leads - User name, Created By, Modified By

  • Sales > Opportunities > Search Opportunities - User name, Created By, Modified By

  • Admin > Change Requests - Submitted By

A User can change a view to Shared by selecting My Views from their User Menu, then edit the view to select Shared in the IsShared field.


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