Managing your Saved Views

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Managing Your Saved Views

You can use saved views in Xeppo to quickly view important information. Once you have created views you may wish to update them, make them a favourite or default, share your views or delete them.

Updating Views

When using your views, you may wish to make updates to them, such as changing what filters are applied, or what columns of data are displayed. While you are using your view, make the updates to your filters and displays, then select Save from the top right of the page.
If you would like to keep your current view, you can select Save As from the arrow next to the Save option.   

Please note: you can only update views that you created. If you are using a shared or system view and wish to adjust the filters, you will need to select Save As to save your updates as your own view.

Making an Existing View a Favourite or Default

While using a view, you can quickly update it to be a favourite or a default view. A favourite view will appear at the top of your list of views, and a default view will be the view shown on the page when you navigate to it.
To update a view to be a favourite or default, select the Details option next to the title of the View on the top left of the page. This will display the type of view, and options to make it a favourite or default. If the view is already a favourite or default, you can also select these buttons, so it is no longer a favourite or default view. This can be used for any view.

Managing Your Views – Sharing, Editing and Deleting Views

To manage your views you can either select ‘My Views’ from the user menu when selecting your name on the top right of the home screen, or from the Views dropdown > Manage. Please note, if you select Views > Manage while within an app, this will take you out of the app and back to the main section of Xeppo.
Either of these options will take you to the My Views page.

The My Views page will show you all of your current views. You can also search for a particular view using the text box options at the top of the columns. From this page you can select the name of the view to go directly to it, see where the view is used, if it has been shared, and delete or edit your view.

When editing a view, you can update the name of the view, and change the view to either be a personal view that only you can see, or a Shared view that anyone in your practice can use.


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