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Introduction to Views

In Xeppo, you can easily search for the data you need to see, whether that be looking for particular Groups and Clients, or looking for tasks that you need to complete.

When searching, you can use the filters tab to apply filters to see specific information. There are different filters on every page, relevant to the page you are viewing. Simply select the filters you wish to use, then select update results.

You may also wish to show different columns of information on a page. You can do this by selecting the display tab and choosing the options you want to display. You can also delete or reorder the columns if needed, then select update results.

Once you have everything filtered and displayed in the way you wish, you can save it as a view. Simply select save as from the top menu and name the view. You can then select if you would like this to be a favourite, so it appears at the top of your list of views, or if you would like it to be your default view, so every time you navigate to this page, this is the data you would see.

Once you have saved your view, you’ll be able to see it in the view’s dropdown on this page. You will also be able to see any views you have previously created, or views that have been shared with you. You can select any of these views to adjust the data you see on the page.

With your filtered data you can perform bulk actions form the Actions tab, such as creating activities or merging documents. You can also export the data shown on this page into an Excel document from the actions tab.



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