Creating Efficient Views for Groups and Clients

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Creating Efficient Views for Groups and Clients

In Xeppo, you can easily search for the data you need to see using filters. The Search Groups and Search Client pages have a variety of filters available so you can find specific Clients or Groups. Once you have added your filters, you can then save your search as a View.

Some Views may already be available for you to use as Shared Views. These are views that have been created by someone within your Practice that help you find the data you need quickly and can be used by everyone in your Practice. Any views that you create will be shown under the heading Personal Views.

When creating a View in the Groups Search or Client Search pages, there are a lot of filters available to apply to view specific data. Here are a few examples of the way you can use filters to create your views in both the Group Search and Client Search pages.

Key Firm contacts – all clients/groups assigned to a particular Key Firm Contact

This view is useful for a user to view their clients, or for a staff member who works with a particular person’s clients.
From the Filter Tab, select Key Firm Contact - Contact Name. Use the drop-down to select your name, then select Update Results. You can select multiple names from this field.

You may also wish to display the key firm contacts. This can be done by selecting the display tab, then Key Firm Contacts.

Using Tags – viewing the review month by a tag

This can be used to view all Clients or Groups that have a Review tag applied to them for a particular month. This is especially useful, as you can then create a Review Project or Activity in bulk for these Clients or Groups. These tags are set up by your Practice at either a Group or Client level.
From the filter tab, search Tag to view all Tags applied. Then select the tag relating to your annual review.

Birthdays – viewing clients who have birthdays this month.

This can be used to view all clients whose birthday is the current month, or the following month, depending on the filter selected. This is useful for any birthday communication you may use.
From the filter tab, select Client – Date of Birth. In the first section select Equals, then select the arrow dropdown. If you would like to see Clients with a birthday in the current month, select Anniversary (This Month), or if you would like to view Clients with a birthday in the following month, select Anniversary (next month).

If you save this as a view to use in the future, it will always display the month when you are using the view, and not the month the view was created. You may also wish to display the date of birth. You can do this by selecting the Display tab, then Date Of Birth


These are just a few ways that you can filter your Groups and Clients. Additional suggestions on how you can filter your Activity App and Sales App data and create useful views are available here.

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