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Client Reviews using Tags & Projects

Practices will usually have various times throughout the year where a review is required for Clients or Client Groups. Most commonly this is done at group level, which is reflected in the below process, but the same concepts can be applied at the Client/Entity level.

An efficient way to action Reviews within Xeppo is to:

  • Allocate tags against Client Groups to indicate when they are due for Review (eg. a Review Month for an Annual Reviews)
  • Create a Project Template for the Review to reflect the tasks and staff members involved in your review process
  • Create a list of Client Groups due for review by filtering views
  • Notify Clients they are due for Review - either utilising the Document Merge (FormStack) feature, or exporting details to use in another software
  • Commence a Project in bulk for the clients who are due for review
  • Use the Project to track each stage and activity, notify staff of activities for them to action, and automate triggers associated tasks to be completed

Below provides a summary on:

  • The steps required for initial setup
  • Filtering clients to create a review list
  • Notifying Clients they are due for review
  • Starting the review project

Each step can be customised to ensure it meets the need of your practice. The steps below are a high level view. There are links to articles and/or webinars to assist with a greater level detail should you require it.


Setup: Tags

Create Tags & Tag Values

  • Create the Tag
    Go to, Admin > Tags > Create Tag. Complete the name and description, then Create
    For example, Annual Review Month or Quarterly Review
  • Create Tag Values
    The values your create will be used to identify when the review is due - add the values within the Tag you have just created.
    For example, if this process was relating to an Annual Review, you would create a value for each of the 12 months; January, February, March, and so on


Add Tags to Client Groups

Before a review process can be actioned we first need to be able to identify what Client Groups are due for Review. There are multiple ways you can apply the review tag to relevant Client Groups:

  • Individually
    Select Manage Tags (pencil icon) from within the Client Group
  • In Bulk
    From a group list view filter and select the relevant records then assign the Tag by selecting Actions > Update Tags

Xeppo can also assist to assign tags in bulk using a file import. This action is done by the Development team. If you would like to know more, please send us your enquiry by email to

For additional information, see Create Tags and Admin Webinar: Tags.


Setup: Document Merge

If you would like to utilise Xeppo's Document Merge functionality, to communicate with Clients about their pending review, your practice will need to be configured to utilise FormStack and have templates coded that you wish to use.  

  • If FormStack has not been configured for your practice, send your request to and we will get it set up for you
  • Code any document templates you will require within this review process - for example, an email to notify Clients they are due for their annual review

For more information, see FormStack Activation Guide and Coding FormStack Documents (Technical).


Setup: Project

Map out your Review Process

Map out your standard review process from beginning to end, clearly outlining each step involved. For example:

  • Key Stages
  • Activities/tasks within each stage
  • When each Activity is due relevant to the start of a Stage or previous Activity
  • The Role or Team responsible for each Activity
  • Outcomes of the review
  • Any trigger actions you would like to automate


Note that any ad-hoc tasks which do not form part of the standard process can be added as a required in a particular review.

Create your Project Template

For Tasks or Activities that are frequent, repetitive, or will be required in multiple Project Templates, it would be highly advisable to set up Activity Templates for these before building out your Project Template. This will allow for better reporting on Tasks and Projects.


Create a template in the Projects App, using the details you have mapped out in the previous steps:

  • Activities App > Projects > Create
  • Enter Topic (for example, Annual Review), Description, tick Template?, then Create
  • Configuration tab
    Add relevant Participant Roles and Stages
  • Project tab
    Add Activities/Tasks for each Stage
    Hint: click Save instead of Save & Close to access Actions and Documents as part of your setup
  • Actions tab
    Add any Actions you may want to trigger when your Project is completed, Cancelled or Started


For more information, see User Webinar: Projects and User Webinar: Activities.


Starting a Review

Create a List of Client Groups Due for Review

Once you have created your review list, select Save As to save this view. Then for subsequent review periods you can select the saved view from the View menu and simply change the Tag Value under the Filter tab.


  • Go to Group > Search Groups
  • From the Views menu select All Groups - this step will ensure you are including all Client Groups
  • Under the Display tab, add Tags to columns to display, then Update
  • This is handy as when you Save this list as a View you will see the Tags displayed next to the client group
  • Under the Filter tab search for and add the Tag associated with the review - for example, Annual Review Month
  • Still within the Filter tab, under Selected Filters where the Tag is listed, select the value you wish to display, then Update Results
  • Select Client Groups for the review by ticking the checkbox next to Xeppo Group Code - ticking the header row will select all records you have filtered


For additional information, see Tags in Views (Filtering and Display)

Notify Clients they are Due for Review

If you are notifying clients they are due for review in bulk, this can be done by Merge Document using a previously configured FormStack Template; or exporting a list to use in other software.

  • With the relevant records selected, go to Actions > Merge Document to generate an email to be sent it bulk using a preconfigured FormStack template; or,
  • With the relevant records selected, go to Actions > Export to export the list in Excel or CSV to notify them in another way; or,
  • You may have this process built in to your review template, or not require this action


For more information, see Document Merging and User Webinar: Documents & Marketing .

Start the Review Projects

If you don't want to start the Projects in bulk, another option is create an Activity to contact the Client regarding their review. You can then add a Trigger action for the activity that once that is completed, the Review Project will start.
  • With the relevant records selected, go to Actions > Create Project
  • Select the template you are using for the Review from the Template drop down - you do not need to enter anything for Topic or Description as these will come across from the Template later
  • Select the Commence checkbox to start the project immediately
  • Your Project is now up and running for the selected Clients


For more information, see User Webinar: Projects plus a range of articles under Activities App in the Xeppo User Guide.

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