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Document Merging

This function uses a third party software called Formstack. Contact us if you require a Formstack account.

Merge Documents from More Places

  • A Merge Document button has also been added into the Documents App via a Xeppo Client or Xeppo group
  • A Merge Document button has also been added to the following areas in Xeppo:
    • Leads
    • Opportunities
    • Activities
    • Projects
  • When a document is generated it will be stored in the documents App of the Xeppo Code you have run the document against
  • If it’s a Xeppo GROUP Code, we will firstly run the merge document against the Primary Contact. If there is no Primary Contact, we will then look to merge the document against an individual first, and then against related entities if there are not individuals present in the Xeppo Group
  • You can also run merge document against a list available from Clients/Groups/Leads/Opps/Activities/Projects search screens
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