Understanding Mailchimp Audiences

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Understanding Mailchimp Audiences

MailChimp creates an automatic audience when you create a new account with them. With the free version of Mailchimp, you can only have one audience as part of your subscription. This link takes you to the audience list, and from there you can delete the audience that was automatically created and then sync Xeppo's Marketing App to MailChimp to create the Xeppo audience (as shown below).


Once you create your Marketing Lists we will import the clients from Xeppo to contacts in the Xeppo audience, and the Category field in MailChimp will be used to show which Marketing List the contact is a part of in Xeppo. If a contact is a part of multiple marketing lists in Xeppo, there will be multiple Categories listed against the contact to show the Marketing Lists the contact is a part of. From there you can then build your campaign and filter the Xeppo Audience based on the Category (Xeppo Marketing List) you want to send the communications to.

Please refer to the Mailchimp pricing page for information on free and paid subscriptions.

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