Working with Opportunities

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Working with Opportunities

Once an Opportunity is within the system you will need to use the Opportunity record to capture additional information as well as activity.

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  • Pipeline management
  • Activity management
  • Winning an Opportunity
  • Losing an Opportunity
  • Related Opportunities

Pipeline Management

As you develop the Opportunity ensure you update the stage in the Pipeline that it is at. This will allow you to accurately monitor the value of opportunities and understand how well they are progressed. 

To do this, open up the Opportunity and click on the Stage the Opportunity has progressed to. This and any previous Stages will be marked green. This visual representation makes it very easy to understand where the Opportunity is up to.

The system will automatically add an activity record each time you change the Stage.  

Activity Management

The Opportunity also allows you to capture activities and notes, including tasks. It will also automatically create "change log" activity notes when key elements are updated. This includes:

  • Stage
  • Owner
  • Team
  • Status

To find out about more about Activities and Tasks, read the related article</a >.

Winning an Opportunity

If you win the Opportunity then ensure you:

  • Capture any final notes that are appropriate
  • Update the Pipeline stage
  • Record the Sale Value and Sale Value Ongoing values. This will assist with reporting and analysis.

Once you have done this, click on the Won button and the Opportunity has delivered success! 

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Losing an Opportunity

If you lose the Opportunity open the Opportunity and click on the "Lost" button. This will then update the conversion and other related charts appropriately.

Related Opportunities

As an aid you can also see any other Opportunities in the Sales App that relate to the same Group or Client or any other Client that belongs to the same group within Xeppo.

To see these, Open up the relevant Opportunity and scroll down. They are displayed in the left hand panel. Click on any of the opportunities to view the related Opportunity.


Changing the Group or Client

The system allows you to move an Opportunity to another Group or Client if this is required. To do this:

  • Open the Opportunity 
  • Change the Group or Client as required
  • Click Save
  • Confirm you wish to do this.

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Deleting an Opportunity

You must have the appropriate capability to do this, but you can delete an Opportunity in 1 of 2 ways.

  • Open the Opportunity you wish to delete and click on the "Delete" button in the top right of the Opportunity Page
  • From the Opportunity view, tag the Opportunities you wish to delete, Select the "Delete" option from the Action button.
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