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Sales Analytics (Sales App Landing page)

The Xeppo Sales App provides a Landing Page with an analytical overview of Leads and Opportunities.

Lead Generation

This chart tracks the number of Leads generated in quantity per month on a rolling 12 months basis (RTM). This provides you an insight as to the number of Leads being created within the business.

Opportunity Generation

This chart shows all Opportunities generated in a month by quantity over a rolling 12 months basis (RTM).

It includes those generated by the Potential Opportunity engine as well as those created manually.

Potential Opportunities by Topic

This chart illustrates the value of all Potential Opportunities sitting within the Sales App. The aim is to review these on a regular basis and look to convert into "Active" opportunities.

The value is based on the Potential Opportunity configuration setup. See within the Admin User Guide .

Active Opportunities by Pipeline

This chart shows the value of Active Opportunities by Pipeline and also by Stage within each Pipeline (stacked bar chart).

The goal should be to push Opportunities to the final stage and close. 

Conversion Charts

The conversion charts show the performance of sales over a rolling 12 months basis (RTM) in three different charts:

  • By Pipeline
  • By Owner
  • By Team

These charts only include Opportunities Won or Lost, giving you an insight into what lines of business are performing well (Pipeline), by individual and also by team.

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