Working with Potential Opportunities

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Working with Potential Opportunities

In most cases the Xeppo Sales App has pre-configured a range of sales queries that are automatically run every night, looking for regular new sales within your existing Client base.

Refer to the attached documentation (at the bottom of this article) for our standard list, noting your list may have been customised.

Activating or Ignoring Potential Opportunities

Potential Opportunities are simply a normal Opportunity with the status of "Potential". Your practice should be regularly reviewing these and either "Activating" or "Ignoring" them.

Watch the video demonstration in the video tab.

Understanding the value of Potential Opportunities

The scope of Potential Opportunities are shown on the landing page, displayed whenever you open the Sales App.

When you are in the Search Opportunities view, the total value and number is also shown in a tile at the top of the view.

You can also filter the list to just Potential Opportunities, or even refine to particular Topics.

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