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Xeppo Insights Overview

Below are a series of videos that overview the Xeppo Insights reports, available in Power BI. You can download the reports directly through Power BI. You can download the app by following the instructions on this link.

In this article you will find - 

  • Video 1: Revenue and wealth insights, sales, activities and projects
  • Video 2: Evidence based file review
  • Video 3: Time tracking, staff and group profitability


VIDEO 1: Xeppo Insights, Sales, Activities & Projects

You can expect to see a brief walkthrough of the Xeppo Insights dashboard to view your Practice revenue insights and wealth profiles.

Using your Xeppo database, you can view leads and opportunities with the Xeppo Sales App and get a overview of all the tasks and workflow across the business at a glance.

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VIDEO 2: Evidence Based File Review

In this video, learn how you can view what you have (or don't have) on file for your client groups, by leveraging documents and activities accessible via Xeppo. Even documents that are stored in your synced SharePoint will surface in these reports. This is a big win for compliance, reducing burden and allowing you to quickly identify where documents or evidence points may be out of date, missing or misplaced.

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VIDEO 3: Time Tracking

Want to know what your cost to serve a client actually is? Learn how time captured in Xeppo, WFM or XPM, can be used to drill into staff and group profitability. You can also benchmark your estimated vs actual time for activities and projects.

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