Introducing Xeppo Insights in Power BI

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Introducing Xeppo Insights in Power BI

The Xeppo Insights Template App in Power Bi is available for you at any time. Xeppo Insights combines data from all areas of Xeppo to provide you with a holistic view of your business, including data from the Xeppo Activities App, Xeppo Sales App, Xeppo Documents App and more.

Xeppo Insights is easy to set up and install, so you can start using Power Bi for your business. This article contains video demonstrations and instructions on how to get started with Xeppo Insights

What is Xeppo Insights?

The Xeppo Insights Template App is an approved Power BI app that supports the Microsoft Power BI web application. To access Xeppo Insights, you must have access to Microsoft Power BI. There are currently six main reports in Xeppo Insights:

  • Xeppo Insights: Provides an overview of your Practice Revenue.
  • Xeppo Activities and Projects: Connects to the Activities App in Xeppo to display who has activities and projects assigned to them, what are these activities and their status.
  • Xeppo File Review: Connects to the Documents App in Xeppo and SharePoint to display what documents are currently available for a Group, and if any documents are missing.
  • Xeppo Sales: Connects to the Sales App in Xeppo to display Leads, Opportunities, and referrals
  • Xeppo Time: Provides a summary of the time tracked by staff to measure productivity and profitability.
  • Xeppo Wealth Insights: Provides a summary of revenue, FUA and insurance data over time.

How do I install Xeppo Insights?

The Xeppo Insights Template App is available through the app section in Power BI. You can either watch the below video demonstration or follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Microsoft Power Bi and click on the Apps section.
  2. Click on the Get Apps button in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Search for Xeppo Insights in the app store.
  4. Click on the Xeppo Insights App and then click on the Get It Now button.
  5. Terms and Conditions will now display, select Get It Now to continue.
  6. A pop-up will appear to confirm you would like to install the app, select Install to continue.
  7. Once the installation is complete, a pop-up will appear, and Xeppo Insights will be available in the apps section.

How Do I Connect My Data?

When you first install the Xeppo Insights Template App, demo data will display. To connect your Xeppo data to Power BI you can either watch the below video demonstration or follow these steps:

  1. Once installed and the app is opened, click on the Connect your Data option at the top of the page.
  2. Change the Practice parameter to your Xeppo domain name. The easiest way to get your Xeppo domain name is via your Xeppo portal URL. This would be as per the bold text in this example:
  3. Click the Next button.
  4. Enter your Xeppo username and password, ensuring the connection type is Basic and the Privacy level is Private.
  5. The bar at the top of the screen will display that a refresh is in progress and will advise once it has been connected.

When completing your Xeppo Practice name in parameters, do not change any letters to capitals. It must match your Xeppo URL exactly to connect successfully.


Configuring Xeppo Insights

When first installing, you should review and configure the settings within Datasets and Workflows. This will help ensure that the data you are viewing is current and correct. To configure your Xeppo data to Power BI you can either watch the below video demonstration or follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Power Bi Home page, select Workspaces from the left menu, then Xeppo Insights.
  2. Hover your mouse over the dataset Xeppo Insights dataset and select the 3 dots for more options
  3. Select settings from this menu.


Parameters allow you to customise how these reports work specifically for your practice. Below are some of the parameters and their use.

  • Default Billable Rate and Default Cost Rate: If you do not set a specific billable rate for your staff, this is the rate that will be used as default.
  • FTE Hours Per Day: The number of hours in a workday used to calculate productivity.
  • Practice: Set up when connecting your data, this is your Xeppo domain name as per your Xeppo URL.
  • Start from Year (documents) and Start from Year (Revenue): Confirms which year data will start when viewing document and revenue data.

Schedule refreshes

  1. Click on the Keep your data up to date setting to set up an automated refresh.
  2. Select the appropriate time zone
  3. Select Add another time
  4. To bring in the previous day's data, it is recommended that you schedule the refresh between 12 am-3 am Adelaide time.
  5. You can also enable email notifications to be sent to the data owner and include others whenever there is a data refresh failure.
  6. Click Apply to save your settings.

Important Information:

You can force a manual refresh in Power BI by clicking on the Refresh Now arrow icon located in Workspaces > Xeppo Insights next to the Xeppo Insights Dataset.

By default, the refresh happens at midnight each night. This may be too soon depending on when your data is refreshed in Xeppo. This option allows you to add or change refresh timing.

You can configure up to eight daily time slots if your dataset is on shared capacity or 48-time slots on Power BI Premium.

After two months of inactivity, the scheduled refresh on your dataset is paused. A dataset is considered inactive when no user has visited any dashboard or report built on the dataset. At that time, the dataset owner is sent an email indicating the scheduled refresh is paused, and the refresh schedule for the dataset is displayed as disabled.

Keeping Your App Up To Date

The Xeppo Insights App is regularly updated with new functionality and updates to the reports. To keep your App up to date, be sure to check the notification bell in Power BI. This will display if an update is available. Simply click the notification to begin the download or select Apps > Get Apps and search for Xeppo Insights from the main page of Power BI.

When updating the App, you will be provided with options to either update the workspace and the app, update only the workspace, or install another copy. If you have made changes to the workspace or the app settings, updating the workspace and the app may remove the changes you have made.

Once you have selected how you would like to update the App, select Install. 

Additional Power BI resources

We have added links to articles from the Microsoft® Knowledgebase that may help in your journey with Power BI. We encourage you to read for additional knowledge.

We have added links to articles from the Microsoft® Knowledgebase that helps in your journey with Power BI. We encourage you to read for additional knowledge.

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