Xeppo Integrate Overview (CRM Apps)

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Xeppo Integrate Overview (CRM Apps)

Marketing and Client Communication

  • marketing lists
  • mailchimp
  • document automation via FormStack

This video shows a brief overview of the Marketing list feature [no audio].

Sales Management

Capture your Prospects and Opportunities in one central location. Maximise your opportunities and referral sources.

Unleash your Sales data through Power BI

Power BI brings your sales data alive! Great for driving sales meetings and ensuring you are maximising new business opportunities.  

Click here to find out more about the Sales App in our user guide.

Task & Process Management

Xeppo Activities

Xeppo has simple yet effective activity and task management capabilities.

Xeppo Projects

Xeppo also has a powerful process manager (called Projects) which allows you to easily define your processes and enact them to get a consistent and quality client offering every time.

Click here to fint out more about the Activities App.

Document Automation and Management

Refer to relevant article on document merging.

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