Xeppo Connect Features

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Xeppo Connect Features

Single Client View

  • Consoldiated list of all your clients
  • In one place easily understand their wealth details as well
  • Easily identify key firm contacts and practice management data pertaining to the client

Client Rankings

  • Understand the total value of your clients across your business lines
  • Identify service gaps (opportunities)
  • Segment your clients to ensure your engagement and service offering aligns to their total value

Driving new business opportunities

See how Xeppo makes it easy to identify service gaps and drive new business revenue across your business.

Data Sync

Xeppo provides the ability to identify data discrepancies across your source systems and also manage the creating and updating of key client data back to those systems. 

An essential for any integrated business that values the accuracy and consistency of client data within their practice.

Open API Connectivity

Xeppo provides the ability for other 3rd party solutions (authorised by you) to read and add data.

Refer to our documentation for more information.

Secure and Reliable

Xeppo holds a lot of key, sensitive data about your business and your clients. So it is critical that this data is managed very carefully and securely.

We take security very seriosuly. Refer to our security documents to understand how we do this.

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