Working with Xeppo APIs

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Working with Xeppo APIs

This document assumes you have requisite knowledge on how to work with RESTful APIs and tools such as Power BI.


  • Have read and agreed to Xeppo API Terms of Use
  • Have a registered Practice Admin user's credentials to connect (username and password)
TLS v1.2 must be used for all connections to our APIs


Swagger documentation is available at the following link.

API Current Support

  • ability to write data via Xeppo inbound connector service (data receipted and processed nightly)
  • read and write specific Xeppo Apps and internal features (Leads, Opportunities, Activities, Projects, Users and Teams)

The Rest API is specifically designed to receipt "inbound" data such that it makes the most of our matching and data sync engines.

External parties ideally build a nightly update via the API which writes new and updated data. Xeppo will then merge this into the core Xeppo database and also identify any data discrepancies across all inbound data.

The merged data set can then be read via the Odata API.

Contact to establish a test Xeppo instance and test connection point for you to build your inbound connector.


The OData service allows you to read all core Xeppo data sets as well as specific Apps. At this point this is the best method to get Xeppo data. This approach has been employed as it supports the most efficient way to obtain data from Xeppo in bulk and by client.

For details on how to construct valid OData requests refer to the following

The following link will provide you a quick but comprehensive list of all available elements$metadata

We would also recommend using a product like Postman which allows you to build and test your OData connection strings.

A simple example below demonstrates a query in Postman which shows the columns and values contained in the Groups table within the XepDemo practice


Excerpt of results in JSON format.


Where possible, avoid making requests for an entire table to improve performance (e.g

Sample Queries

Query Description Root Query
Will return all tables available in Xeppo via the OData connection$select=XeppoCode,XeppoGroupCode,Name,EntityType,Age,Gender Will return all the specified columns for all Clients in Xeppo's Client table$filter=XeppoCode eq 860345&$select=XeppoCode,XeppoGroupCode,Name,EntityType,Age,Gender As per previous example but only returns single client with XeppoCode = 860345$select=XeppoCode,CoverName,SumInsured Returns all Insurance Cover records from Xeppo$filter=XeppoCode eq 860347&$select=XeppoCode,CoverName,SumInsured Returns Insurance Cover records for specific Xeppo client 860347 with nominated columns

Xeppo Code and Xeppo Group Code

All matched Client records will have a unique Xeppo Code. All Clients belong to a Group and therefore also have a Xeppo Group Code. The Group table is the summation of all related Clients belonging to the group.

All other tables will have a Xeppo Code and/or Xeppo Group Code which allows you to relate the records.

Overview of Key Tables

Table Comments
Groups Groups are the "household" view of a collection of related clients/entities.
All Xeppo Groups. Includes rolled up summary totals as displayed in the Xeppo portal
Clients All matched Xeppo Clients/entities. Does not include unmatched clients. Includes summary totals
Key Firm Contacts A practice's key contacts and their contact type. a client may have multiple key firm contacts
Primary contacts List of clients which have been tagged in Xeppo as a primary contact
Address All address details captured against a client
Relationships Related Client records
Dependents List of a client's dependents
Insurance Policies List of general and personal insurance policies related to Clients
Insurance Cover Related to insurance policies. Level and type of cover. A policy may have multiple policy cover records
Holdings Investment holdings sourced from products like XPLAN, COIN and AdviceOS. Positional values only. Used by Net Worth App
SMSF Holdings Class or SimpleFund 360 holdings. Positional values only. For Class, may be not just SMSF related entities. Used by Net Worth App
Contact Details List of contact details against Clients including email, phone, etc.
Income List of all income records captured from various sources
Not consolidated
Expenses As with Income
Assets List of asset accounts from various sources. Not a consolidated list (see Net Worth App). Also includes assets created manually in Net Worth App (Xeppo is the source in this case)
Liabilities As with Assets. Used by Net Worth App
Loans Loan details from mortgage broking systems. Used by Net Worth App
Members, Operating Statements, Member Account Balances, Pension details SMSF only
Quotes WorkflowMax only
Commissions All brokerage transactions captured from related commission files. This includes AFSL and ACL related items
Aged Debtors Accounting systems. Shows the age of outstanding debt the Client owes to the Practice
Invoices Accounting systems. List of all invoices from related accounting systems
Fees Accounting systems. List of all line items related to invoices, associated with a Xeppo Fee Category
Accounts Cloud accounting systems & Moneysoft App. Brings in Profit and Loss & Asset and Liability accounts for each client (sourced from the Client's Moneysoft or cloud accounting system).
Used by Net Worth App
Tax Returns Accounting systems. List of all tax returns, including deductions and income
WIP Accounting systems. Lists work in progress that has not yet been invoiced to the Client
Rankings / Fee Categories Relates to all revenue (fees + commissions) mapped into the Xeppo Fee Category feature. Best method to obtain total revenue for client/group.
Fees_Category table also relevant
Apps Only if relevent Apps are active
MarketingLists List of marketing lists created in Xeppo Marketing App
SalesLeads List of Leads recorded in Xeppo Sales App
SalesOpportunities List of Opportunities recorded in Xeppo Sales App
FDSDatas List of FDS records created by Opex AutoFDS app
NetWorthGroups Consolidated list of Xeppo Groups which have Net Worth App activated. Summarises total assets, liabilities and unallocated
NetWorthDatas Consolidated list of all Assets and Liabilities for Xeppo Groups and Clients which have activated Net Worth App.
Contains Net Worth Account and Asset Classification
Projects Projects created within Xeppo Activities App (Workflows)
Activities List of tasks/notes/activities created in the Activities App
Client / Group Tags Practice based Tags allocated to Clients and / or Groups
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