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Xeppo's Virtual Assistant: Creating Capacity Through Automation

Xeppo's Virtual Assistant is a suite of automation and integration services that have been built specifically to solve accounting and financial services challenges. It integrates with Xeppo, leveraging your data in Xeppo and interacting with 100's of other application that are commonly used, such as SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams.

The Virtual Assistant can save your staff hours of time by completing many manual and repetitive tasks for them, such as creating SharePoint folders for new clients, generating documents, and starting Review projects. 

Alongside saving your staff time through automation, the Virtual Assistant also provides notifications about essential tasks to staff and supervisors through Teams, Slack, or Outlook. This includes notifications about outstanding tasks, when an opportunity or lead has been assigned to them, and any admin tasks within Xeppo that require attention.

These "recipes" have been developed to free up your staffs time, allowing them to focus on your clients and provide a great experience. We are constantly developing new ways to create efficiency through automation, so if you have a problem you would like the Virtual Assistant to solve, let us know!

Want to get started using Virtual Assistant? Contact us at

Watch the video below for more information, or dive into what each "recipe" can do by selecting the links below

Available Recipes:

Virtual Assistant Task Checker - SharePoint Folder Creation and Document Generation

Admin Notifications - Admin Responsibility Reminders

User Inactivity - Inactive Xeppo Users Notification

Overdue Activity Update - Notification to Supervisor & Users of Overdue Activities

Monthly Review Activity - Create an Activity or Project when an Annual Review is Due

Insurance Review Activity -  Create an Activity when an Insurance Review is Due

Overdue Leads & Opportunities - Notification to Supervisors & Users of Overdue Leads and Opportunities

Lead & Opportunity Assignment Notification - Notification to Users when a Lead or Opportunity is Assigned to them

Monthly Review TagsAdd your monthly review tag to a Group

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