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New User Licence Implementation

Xeppo's user licencing structure is in the process of changing. Ultimately, this will allow practices to have greater control over the functions their staff can perform and the areas of Xeppo they can access.

So what is changing and why has the licencing structure changed?
New User Licencing options have been introduced to align with the latest Platform Service Packs. Through a transition period, these will eventually supersede the selections of Practice Admin & Practice User. This article will assist you to understand the transition process and what it means for your business, including:

  • Changes to date and an overview of the timeline for the transition
  • How to make a User Licence selection
  • Licence capabilities and pricing
  • Frequently asked questions

Key Changes by Date

Below is a brief timeline on implementation to date, and upcoming changes in 2022.

October 2021 (October Release #1)

In preparation for the new user licences, selection options were added to the User Profiles for all users. At this stage it was not necessary to select an option, as this was just making way for the user facing controls.

December 2021 (December Release #1)

When creating a new user in Xeppo, you must select a user licence type. Please note that permissions related to licence selections, Standard or Professional, will not have an impact until 2022. Xeppo will communicate with you prior to these changes occurring should you wish to review your user licences again at this stage.

If you have been notified separately that you need to assign licence types for all of your users, please follow those instructions. You can respond to the sender via return email if you require further information, or email us at support@xeppo.com.au.

Coming in 2022 (Release dates to be confirmed)

In 2022, further changes will continue to be implemented requiring all users to have a licence type of either Standard or Professional applied.  Xeppo will keep practices informed about when these selections will need to be made by, and the defaults applied if a selection is not made. Release notes and this article will also keep you informed.

New features such as Best Practice Toolkits, SharePoint integration, Xeppo's Send It > Sign It > Store It solution, Time Tracking and Fact Find will only be available to practices on our latest Platform Service Packs, aligning our offering with newly developed features and integrations. There is more information on this in the FAQ's section of this article. If your practice would like to know more about accessing the full suite of Xeppo's newly developed features and integrations, please contact us at support@xeppo.com.au.

Selecting a User Licence

Creating a new user:
To create a new user go to Admin > Users > Create User. As part of this process, you must now select a user licence type by selecting the applicable radio button as shown below. You will need to have the appropriate permissions to access this area.


Licences for existing Xeppo users:
To update a selection for an existing Xeppo user, go the user's profile in Admin > Users and select the user that you wish to update by clicking the hyperlink next to their record. Then simply go to the Authorisation tab, choose from either Standard or Professional, then click Apply Licence to save your changes. You will need to have the appropriate permissions to access this area.


Licence Capabilities & Pricing

Although permissions won't be restricted by your selection right now, it is a good time to think about what user licence may be required when permissions change based on the licence type selected. More information on future permission associated with out new Platform Service Packs, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there is no user licence selected for a user?
When adding a new user, you must select a user licence. Xeppo will not allow a new user to be created in the system without the selection being made.
Although not mandatory right now, permissions won't be restricted by your selection, it is a good time to think about what user licence may be required when it does become necessary to select a licence. Xeppo will keep practices informed when prior to this requirement changing and the default that will be applied where a selection is not made.

How does this effect my practice?
If you have entered into or updated your agreement with Xeppo since 25th October 2021, you will already be on the current Platform Service Pack and User Licencing model. This also means you can also unlock included Platform and User features, such as the Best Practice Toolkits, Time Tracking, SharePoint Integration and our Send It > Sign It > Store It solution.
If you signed with Xeppo prior to this, the user licences referred to in your contract are being phased out and will be replaced by the new Standard and Professional User licences through a transition period. The team at Xeppo will liaise with each practice about how this transition will occur. 

I'm already using SharePoint but am not on latest Platform Service Pack. What does this mean for me?
Great news! Early adopters of Xeppo's SharePoint integration, who have not yet moved to our new Platform Service Packs will retain their existing SharePoint configuration.

How do I know what User Licence type I have?
Your User Licence is now displayed within the My Account menu, which you can access by clicking on your name in the top menu within Xeppo.


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