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January 2023

You can enable push notifications to notify you of important activities in Xeppo.

Never miss an activity again with Push Notifications. Push notifications will notify you when you or your team have been assigned an activity, when the status of a project changes, when a document has been uploaded by a client and much more. 

Push Notifications supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) and Mozilla Firefox.

This article will guide you on how to set up push notifications

February 2023

You can change the default page limit and whether you view items in a Grid or Tile view in the User Settings menu.

My Settings, within the user menu, allows you to modify default settings within Xeppo, based on your preferences. Currently, you can change the default for two settings, page limit and grid/tile view.

Page limits affected the number of items displayed on pages such as the Group or Client search and search views within Apps. 

Grid/Tile view affects how items are displayed on pages such as documents and projects within a Group record. 

For more information on these settings, see this article.

March 2023

You can create views using the 'Me' Filter to easily view your tasks. These views can be shared with all users.

The 'Me' filter can be used to easily view your activities, projects, leads and opportunities. When you select this filter, only items that have been assigned to you will be displayed.

This filter can be used to create views. These views can be shared with other users too. When other users use the view, it will display items that have been assigned to them. 

For more information on creating these views and how they can be shared to create consistency across users, see this article.

April 2023

With Xeppo's email integration, you can file emails against clients, groups, projects, leads or opportunities. 

The Xeppo email integration feature allows you to easily save emails to specific areas in Xeppo.

To save an email to a specific area, cc or bcc in your Xeppo unique email address when sending the email to the Client, and use an @xep command in the subject of the email. There are @xep commands to file emails against particular Clients and Groups based on their Xeppo Code, specific leads or opportunities, or to have the email be unassigned when it saves in Xeppo. 

You can find a list of commands and more information about our email integration in this article. 

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