Upcoming Filter Changes: Searching on user related fields

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Upcoming Filter Changes: Searching on user-related fields

Important Update
Please make sure you read all of this information as it may affect your Saved Views in Xeppo or other Views that have been shared with you.


We are continually working on enhancing the Xeppo Apps, and we have been making changes to our filters. As a part of our App Enhancement project, we are now converting all free-text filters into 'Multi-select' filters. With the Multi-select filters, you will be able to select multiple user names to retrieve the records associated with the users, including yourself. 

For instance, if you would like to view the list of all activities assigned to you (remember to use 'ME' filter) and another user (say, Test User). You can then type in the criteria in the Activities - Assigned User field as shown in the below image. You will then be provided with the list of all activity assigned to you and Test User. 



How does this affect Saved Views?

If you already have Saved Views with the exact name entered in the free-text filters (please note: the multi-select filter is case sensitive), then the migration of filter values will be performed with ease, no action is required from your end, as a user. 

If your already Saved Views returns no results (similar to what is in the below image), then

  1. Check if the name(s) entered in the filter field(s) is correct
  2. If not, update the filters in the Saved Views with the 'exact' user name.
  3. Click on SAVE button on the right hand top to save the modified views. 
  4. Note that you will only be able to update and save views that you own. If you are needing a Shared view to be updated, this update will need to be completed by the user who created and shared the view.


Where can you find new Multi-Select Filters?

The following areas in each app will soon be having multi-select filtering options replacing the free-text search options:

App Area Filter Name
Activity Activity Assigned User
    Modified By
  Project Assigned to 
    Created By
    Modified By
Admin Change Request Submitted By
Sales Sales Lead User Name
    Created By
    Modified By
  Sales Opportunity User Name
    Created By
    Modified By


Please contact support@xeppo.com.au with any questions or concerns and the team will be available to assist.


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