Webinar: What's new with Xeppo's Time Tracking feature

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Webinar: Updates to Time Tracking feature


Whether you are an accounting, multi-disciplinary or financial planning practice, this time tracking webinar will demonstration how you can record time and know where time is being spent. Dig into your data with just a few clicks in Power BI with time reporting in Xeppo Insights. Now you have information on cost to serve, group profitability and staff productivity at your fingertips...and the power to make informed decisions for your business.

Are you using WorkflowMax and/or Xero Practice Manager and want to bring your analytics to the next level? Learn how you can sync time entries to and from jobs and tasks in XPM and WFM with Xeppo, using the 2-way sync, which then flows into your Xeppo Insights reports giving you valuable reporting like never before! Xeppo's Relationship & Training Consultant, Tahlia Date provides a walkthrough below.


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