Partner Webinar: Assent App with Opex Consulting (July)

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Partner Series Webinar: Assent App with Opex Consulting - part 2

In the next Xeppo Partner Webinar series, we speak to Director of Opex Consulting, Hamish Hockley to discuss the Assent App again to help meet increased legislative obligations around client annual opt-in and consent.

The new Assent App helps AFSL, practice, and adviser manage service agreements and client fee consent obligations. It is a specialised tool to assist in the administration and production of your enhanced FDS (Service Agreement and FDS) documents and Client Fee Consent letters.

The Assent App will help you streamline and automate this process.


Join Hamish as he shows us through the Management Reports within the Assent App, to actively monitor and act on key alerts.

If you would like to find out more on the Assent App, please contact Xeppo at or find out more on this link: Assent App: Manage Ongoing Service Obligations (


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