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AFSL Insights (Power BI App)

AFSL Holders

AFSL holders and practices alike can monitor their business more closely and get instant answers with rich dashboards available…and you don’t have to build the reports yourself as they are already built for you!!




  • AFSL & Practice Insights are online, interactive reports designed to support an AFSL and their Practices in monitoring business and key risk elements
  • Insights is powered by Xeppo and Microsoft Power BI Pro (business intelligence) which provides a rich suite of tools to analyse data quickly
  • Insights obtains data nightly from Xeppo
  • No need to impact your existing solutions
  • Power BI elements are responsive allowing you to drill down and interrogate your data real time
  • Distribute the reports to your Practices to promote proactive approach to advice and compliance risk elements
  • Real time alerts

Why consider AFSL / Practice Insights?

    • Quickly and easily review key data points against clients;
    • Monitors and highlights potential risks to your AFSL and Practices; and
    • Analyse revenue and FUA trends


  • Setup $250 (ex GST)
    • Installation technical assistance (Power BI Pro App)
    • Introductory overview
  • Monthly fee of $195 (ex GST)
    • Pre-build report templates ready to go
    • Regular updates based on feedback and product enhancements
Requires Office 365 Power Pro license (fees not included).

App provided by Opex Consulting Pty Ltd.

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