Assent (Service Agreement) App

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Assent (Service Agreement) App

Why Assent App?

  • Quickly and easily setup Clients to administer Service Agreements
  • Automatic notifications
  • Bulk processing
  • Client portal for deliver and opt-in and out
  • Auto tracking of evidence points
  • Works on Xeppo so leverages your connected systems
  • Ideal for those with CRM which doesn't connect seamlessly to revenue
  • Power BI template to actively monitor and act on key alerts


Key Risk Indicator Summary


Easily view and action

Easily monitor and view all Service Agreement clients and status.



  • Setup fee $2000 (ex GST)
    • Migration / setup of Agreement and Opt-in dates (from XPLAN)
    • Configuration of fee categories
    • Tailoring of FFS and Opt-in letter templates
    • Introductory Admin training
    • Installation of Assent Power BI App template (requires Power BI Pro license)
    • User training
  • Monthly fee $195 (ex GST)
    • Application licensing and ongoing maintenance
    • includes changes to meet expected changes to annual service obligations (2021)

App provided by Opex Consulting Pty Ltd.

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