Best Practice Template Kit (Wealth)

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Best Practice Template Kit (Wealth)


Best Practice Template Kit is a service that provides a comprehensive range of pre-built Xeppo components to fast track your implementation as well as ongoing upgrades for any financial planning practice.


What's included

  • Document App additionals
    • Standard document category (folder structure)
    • Pre-coded Email and Document templates
    • Refer to attached sample Review report as an example of quality of document
    • Sample list of templates included:


  • Activities App additionals
    • Standard Category and Sub-Category structure
    • Suite of pre-built Project Templates
    • List of standard project templates:


The Benefits

  • Start with a great base of workflows and templates to run your practice within Xeppo
  • Pre-coded emails and document to support client processes.
  • Pre-Project templates are asy to tailor and make your own
  • Subscribe to Formstack Documents to tailor and build email and document templates


  • Standard setup fee is $500 ex GST
    • Includes configuration and setup 
    • introductory training
  • Monthly fee of $195 ex GST
    • Includes 200 merges per month (Formstack documents)
    • ongoing updates and maintenance

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