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PayEzy is a cost effective and simple service that enables the easy uploading of provider payment files (also referred to as commission files). 

This service is ideally suited for businesses who do not need to distribute payments to other related practices.

How it works


Uploaded files processed twice a month.

The Benefits

  • PayEzy is designed to cater for just about any AFSL or ACL payment file you received.
  • Saves time and money
  • Get a single view of your client data, including revenue data
  • Easy to run revenue reports 
  • Streamline FDS and reporting obligations (using FDS App and AFSL Insights)
  • Can upload historical months in the same manner
  • Each month processed charged at the same flat rate, irrespective of number of files or transactions (includes historical loads)

PayEzy Power BI App

As part of the service you also get the PayEzy Power BI App which includes a range of reports that give you a great insight into your revenue like never before!


Related Xeppo Apps / Feature

PayEzy helps support other key features in Xeppo

  • Fee Categories
  • Rankings
  • AFSL Insights
  • FDS App


  • Standard setup fee is $500 ex GST
    • Includes configuration and setup for your payment files
    • introductory training
  • Monthly fee is $395 ex GST
    • no limit on the number of payment files processed
    • files are processed twice monthly
    • Historical files are treated like any other month, so historical loads are $395 per each previous month.

App provided by Opex Consulting Pty Ltd

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